Tuesday, 13 March 2012

If i won the lottery

If i won the lottery, i would be very happy, it would provide a solutio yo any economic problem i could have later, at least for a time I would first buy all the things i've always wanted to buy but i couldn't, I'd buy me a great house for me and one for my mother, she deserves it more than anyone.

As I would not have to worry about money, i wouldn't need to work and i could dedicate all the time to activities that I'm interested in, I would dedicate it part to leisure but also to learn things that i've always wanted to know but i never could because of time or money or otherwhine. I could learn any martial art or maybe learn some other lenguage like French or German.

In conclution, I think that this can not solve my life direcly, but certainly it would be a huge help to make progress.

Jose Consuegra, 1rC

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