Thursday, 8 March 2012

What if I won the lottery t

You never know when you can win a jackpot. 
And if it turns out that I'm one of those few people I guess  I'd feel very lucky although I'm against the lottery. It's not like I don't want to have money it's just that I want to earn my own money with my own effort.

This is all about money and its uses.
Anyway now I'm going to write about what would I do with such an amazing amount.
I know myself very well and I'm hundred per cent sure that in two or three weeks I'll have wasted the money in silly things. As I don't want that to happen I'll probably create a bank account and put all the money in it. Or maybe I could build a hospital but perhaps I don't need to do that as I can give the money to an NGO because I'm pretty sure that they'll know how to manage it.

Another option would be  the next one (this one is quite enjoyable but not very fruitful): Holidays!
My family and I would go on a trip around the world. I'm feeling  so excited just by thinking about it. That's right I'll be the next Phileass Fogg (I don't know how to spell his name ). Imagine all the world would be into your hands. Then I'd clim a mountain and when I'm right at the top i would shout : "I'm the queen of the world" (Yeah I know that sounded quite corny ¬¬ but who cares) Indeed the vacations are a good idea but I don't want the money just for me. I would like to share it.  That's why this option is discarded.

All these options are possible but there's one thing I'd definitely do no matter what. I'll show my gratitude to my family members, relatives and of course my friends who have shown me a great support during my bad times by paying off their mortgages or giving  them enough cash so they can buy a new house or something else.

Another things I may do:
Invest in the stock market, set up trusts and a will to protect all the winnings and ensure financial security for a lifetime.

To sum up I would definitely not waste the money or at least that's what I'd  try to do. But  it still won't change much about my life.

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