Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Writing checklist

Writing an essay is not a spontaneous process. It is important to revise the text and improve it before you hand it in to the teacher. 

You can use the following checklist to revise your essay:

1-               Is there an explicit subject in each sentence?

2-               Is there a verb in each sentence?

3-               Do all verbs agree in number with their subjects?
(You is very pretty.)

4-               Are all pronoun references correct?
(Gisela was very thoughtful, he brought some candles)

5-               Is the word order correct?
(Subject + verb ... -word order in English is not as flexible as in Catalan or Spanish)

6-               Is the proper verb tense used and formed correctly?

7-               Check for correct possessive adjective
(She.... his husband...)

8-               Check for correct form and position of adjectives.
           (...expensives  shoes...)

9-               Have you organised the information logically into different paragraphs?

Happy writing! 

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