Monday, 22 October 2012

A horrible story

                                                   A horrible story

It all started in 2012, when the crisis in Spain was huge and nobody could afford their basic food. My family began to starve so I decided to go abroad to earn money, but what I didn't know was that there are bad people who don't mind anything, they only want to do evil.

In mid-September, I took a plane to Denmark. I was very excited about going abroad: new people, new language, different weather... but I knew I had to go there to help my family. In the plane, I met a really handsome man: blue eyes, blond short hair, wide back... I found who was supposed to be my perfect man! And he was by my side! He stared at me, smiled and said: - "Hi! My name is Claus". From then on, we talked a lot and we became good friends.

One day we went to a very well known pub. We were talking about our lives and laughing a lot and mysteriously I fell asleep. When I woke up I was very afraid. I was in a dark room tied on a chair. I knew that the person who had kidnapped me was Claus, because I had already been there. It was Claus's bedroom.
I finally could get out of there but I can't remember how because I was still under the influence of chloroform. I ran as much as I could to the airport and I took the first plane to Spain, so I never saw him again.

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Arshdeep said...

Nice one! You must have worked a lot on this.