Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Welcome back

Hello everybody. Here we are again.
Welcome to the English class.

Here is a task for you to do in pairs. Put the words of the following questions in order and then ask and answer them.

1.     Xmas, good, did, holiday, a, have, you? _________________________
2.     go, did, away, you? _________________________
3.     go, lot, you, out, did, a? _________________________
4.     did, Eve, you, Xmas, what, on, do? _________________________
5.     did, what, Xmas, you, Day, on, do? _________________________
6.     to, Year’s, go, on, a, did, party, you, Eve, New? _________________________
7.     lot, you, holidays, have, these, a, eaten? _________________________
8.     done, special, have, anything, you? _________________________
9.     any, or, have, plays, you, interesting, seen, films? _________________________
10.                       the best , to, these, what, thing, you, that, holidays, was, happened? _________________________
11.                       on, see, January, did, the, 5th, you, the, Three Wise Men parade? _________________________
12.                       any, Resolutions, Year’s, have, you, made, New?  _________________________
13.                       anybody, to, give, presents, did, you? _________________________
14.                       presents, you, any, get, did? _________________________

Describe one present in a way that your classmates can guess what it is.

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