Monday, 25 February 2013

Charles I

King Charles of Habsburg inherited a big empire. From his mother's parents, the catholic kings, he inherited all the catalan and Aragon possessions.From the grandparents of his father's side, Maria de Borgonya and Maximilia I, emperor of the Sacre empire, he got all the possessions the family had in many  countries like France or Germany .

Regarding politics, charles tried to get the support of the nobels , who were undoubtly the real power of the country in that time, and that's why he never dared to limit their economic power.
He also respected the autonomy of the respective  states. However, he always tried , without any result, to establish a tie between them.

One o f the most important facts that occurred in Spain at that time was the Spanish communities continuous complaints because they were against the king. The king already knew this fact and he had also predicted this movement, maybe that's the reason behind his victory.

On the contrary, things were not so good outside Spain. The king had to face several problems which he could not handle and that's why he had to abdicate. All his possessions were divides between his two sons  and a king who was once feared by many ended up being just a history personage.

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