Sunday, 10 March 2013


Hi guys, A few days ago I saw a group of young people like us were sharing this video on social networks. And I remembered the exercise we did with Sonia: 'WHAT ADDS TO JOB SATISFACTION'

She made us think about what were our objectives when trying to find a job.
The fotocopy had several objectives that we had to sort in order to have a satisfactory job such as: working conditions, status in your organization, learning something new, personal freedom, being part of team, exercising power, helping other people, being praised by your superiors, social status, being promoted, and making money.
There's one which is tightly related with te following video: working in what you like. that's what its all about.

We must activate our mind in order to decide by ourselves what do we really wish to do and what path do we want to follow.


Sònia Turmo said...

Hi Anna Belen,
Thank you so much for sharing this video with us.
It is certainly very inspiring. We could watch it tomorrow in class!

I have also found it with English subtitles ( would be very good for us to get further practice.
Thanks a lot!
See you tomorrow!

Jazmin Gil said...

So, when I see videos like these which encourage us to follow our own path, I feel that this message that says that we must forget the money and do what we want, that message enables us to find ourselves .

I think that choice a profession to spend our lives in it, that is the reason for living. And if you decide to think only in money and do thinks that you don't like, you will live wrong. And it seems to kill the essence of ourselves.

So, think about it and put heed in what the heart says.

Thank you Anna Belen for sharing the video with us.


Sarandeep K said...
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Sarandeep K said...

Thanks for sharing with us, It's so inspirational.
The idea that wants to give this video it's very interesting.
Don't get trapped in a career in which one your not happy just because of money.
Stop wasting your time,you can win money doing what your heart wants and what makes you happy.
We must follow this advice.
Thats all! Thank you Anna.

Tyffany said...

Thanks for sharing Anna and thanks Sonia to make us see the video because I really like it.

Without any doubt I am agree with the author. all what he said on the video made me think. We are in the moment in our life that we feels confused and lost about what we gonna do after batchillerat. At least me I feel like this.

Along our life we think about what we gonna do when we will be adults. I remember when I was a child the first thing I said about my future was "I'm gonna be nurse", after I said "I'm gonna be singer", later more or less at 10 years I said "I'm gonna be astronomer like Galileo" and like this all my life so far.

Now, I don't know what I'm gonna do but I know and I hope I will do something I like. I only have one life to live and I refuse to waste it doing miserable things.

Andrea said...

Thank you for share it!

This video made me think about my own life, about what I want to do and I really want to get.
Many time I think about the future but is a mistery and we don't know that we will bring the world tomorrow, for that reason we should wear the best smiles for to get what we really want. We have to forget money to choose our way.
The video is very inspiring and very real!.