Tuesday, 23 April 2013

An opinion esay

The frenetic life in our modern cities subjects us to a continuous and exhausting mental activity and a devastating physical inactivity ( in terms of exercising our internal organs, such as the heart , the stomach...).
At the same time, the large number of stimuli we receive during a day generates in us  a constant emotional stress.
The rich heritage to the oriental civilisations will help us overcome the stress. We're talking about non other than Yoga.

Yoga is a practise that comes from a discipline that helps us to recognise the egocentric nature of mind.
What's more, it's a complete discipline which is adaptable to a large number of persons because in it the differences in age,sex, religious and political conventions don't represent any limitation.
Furthermore, Yoga is one of those few disciplines which has no side- effect, since it's limited to strengthen the mind and the body.
Despite all the advantages it has it's also true that it involves a high patience level and enough time, which is unfortunately not always accessible.

In conclusion, Yoga is a practise that although it requires more than the typical sports it's highly recommendable. Yoga's advantages are no secret nowadays and a prove of that is that it has become one of the most trendy exercises and more and more people is counting on it to improve their health.

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