Tuesday, 25 February 2014

My opinion about Facebook

Some people think Facebook is only one place where we communicate and keep up to day on things from your friends. However, it is not just a place where your friends see your posts

In my opinion, I think Facebook is a social network in which everyone see all your things.  Namely, it is a place where everyone can know what you're doing at all times, stay where we also recorded all conversations and photos that we put on on Facebook. Moreover, is a social network where there are rapists who pretend to be other people and with that, they get that people to send intimate photos.

Furthermore, I believe that the people are not aware of all the negative things that can happen and then post photos and information that they should not.  However I’m not saying that Facebook is awful because if you can do a good use, you can use this social network without problems.

In conclusion, personally, I think that Facebook is a place to communicate with friends not a social network in wich you publish all your moves, nor post inadequate photos.

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