Tuesday, 27 May 2014

A "for and against" essay

Buying online is the best way to shop. Discuss

Nowadays, buying online has become a really useful way to shop. People, instead of going to the shopping centre, open the computer and send their necessities. However, there are some problems on it. So, is this the best way to shop?

On the one hand, this is very comfortable because you don’t need to move from your house. If you have children and you can’t go out with them, it will be the solution for you. Another argument in favour is that if you are interested in a specific model, like a TV, is easier to buy through internet because you can compare prices faster than going to the shop. Furthermore, the delivery of products is generally free and you can use it any time of the day.

On the other hand, buying online will create a little of distrust on you because of the waiting and your expectations about the product. If you buy clothes online, you don't know exactly how they are, so they might not look good on you. The same happens with things you have never seen and you don't have any evidence that they offer a good quality.

Although I partly agree that buying online is an easy way to shop and save time, I think that we only should do it with things that we really know. That’s the way we would avoid problems and we could enjoy these new technologies.

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