Friday, 30 October 2015

Global chat

Hi friends! I'm Alina Briggitte Fabiani Lasso. I'm sixteen years old and I'm from in Spain but I was born in Equator. I live in a flat with my mum, dad, grandmother and my dog Dosty.

I like living in Spain but one day I would like to live in Italy. In my free time I like getting together with my friends. Now I'm 16 and I wold like to try to do a lot of extreme sports that I couldn't do when I was fifteen like parachuting, puenting, fly-board and more like this, but my favpurite sport that I will never stop doing is kick boxing but I was lucky because I have the best coach.

Right now, I'm studying because I have some exams the next week or this one, depending when you read this.

And tell me, Do you like sport? Which one? Write me soon.

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Tyffany said...

Becarful with Alina, she's the best kick boxer!