Friday, 30 October 2015

Personal Profile

Hi! I'm Dorca . I'm fiteen yerars old but i vuill be 16 on the 11th November . I'm from Bolivia but i live in Spain in Barcelona .I've lived there my whole life .

I love living in Barcelona , but i like to travel but i have no resources now .
I love singing and playing the guitar in my spore time . It is my passion and my world . I love the experience .
Sometimes singing a lone in my room and sometimes singing in public as i am more or less used to it , i'm not shy because is my passion . I love music .

I am a very quiet person i'm not so out going friendly but when i speak .I like to be discreet i do not  like to call the attention of everybody .I do not like people who think they are more than others my opinion is that are well equal and should treat each other with respect .

I think if you treat a person well yopu also deserve to be treated in the same .

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