Friday, 30 October 2015

Personal profile

Hey! I'm Sarandeep Kaur, seventeen years of age. I've lived in Spain for 9 years but I'm from Punjab in India. In my family we all speak in Punjabi but with my brother I usually speak in Spainish.

Spain is my favorite country and I've decided to live here my whole life. Seriously I dont want to move to live in another one, but I'd like to travel more actually, just for visit. I love Paris and London, surely one day in the future I'll visit them with my bestie. She also has a wish to visit it. Jassie ( my bestie) doesn't mind living there, she finds them a perfect place to live, It's really silly thought! because the people there isn't as afectionate as here, or are they? I don't think so...

Now I'm doing the scientific batxillerat at high school, sometimes i get tired because we do a lot of exams but that doesn't matter because i love science.

Do you also find science really intresting? Where would you prefer to live and visit? I'd love to hear from you, Available open whenever you want! :)

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