Friday, 15 April 2016

Advantatges and disadvantatges of being on only child.

One modern topic is the parents who have only one child ( son or daughter)

From my point of view, i think that people who only have one child live better because they have less responsability, in addition, their life is easier because the parents only need to give food, buy clothes, pay school only one child.

On the other hand, in my opinion people who have one child it would be better for the parents but the child may be borred in his house because she/he hasn't brothers or sisters to play with him. Nevertheless, i think that it would be worse because all of responsability is for you because if you are an only child your parents may pay more attencion for you.

In conclusion, i think that if you are the only child you have all you want; on the other hand, if you are an only  child you will be lonly in your house because you may feel borred in you house.

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