Thursday, 12 May 2016

Advice from an 80-year-old lady


Andrea said...

I really like when she said: "When you really want to get anything you never give up".

In my opinion, If I had a magic wand I wouldn't make people dissapear unless It would more resources to live better.

Tyffany said...

I would like to meet this woman. She looks very intelligent and with so much experience about this life and this world.

This video made me think about life and i reached a conclusion:
Everybody have to pursue their goals before it's too late and in the the road to get it we don't have to forget one thing: be happy.

kamalpreet said...

I agree with everything he says . Why we must seize the present and learn everything we can in this day . Because the only thing that accompany us throughout our lives are the experiences .
In my opinion enjoying the present and leave the future for tomorrow.