Friday, 23 September 2016

Marc Mero's Emotional Mother's Day Story

Hi guys!

Yesterday our classmate Abdul recommended me to watch this video. We get excited with Marc's history and with the message he gives in the video.

The theme of the video is something we can think because sometimes we don't really know what we are doing and we realize late. Sometimes too much late.

We hope you enjoy this video as us and remember that love is only a word until somebody come and gives a meaning.

Have a nice weekend, see you on monday!



Laia said...

I think that this video is very sad but at the same time it gives you many good things. The video in only 6 minutes can make you cry, think about your family and reflect on your behavior. The history of Marc Mero is too emotive and his words can change your thinking. I agree with he, I think that we only care in ourselves (going out with our friends, go to parties,...) and we often forget the family. The family always supports you and it's too much important to appreciate them. My advise it's this, demonstrate your feelings to all the persons who are important to you, it never hurts.

Andrea said...

Thanks for sharing a video so nice!

This video makes us think that we take care every second, because time is the only thing that never back again and so we have just one chance. Marc Mero’s story is true. It’s sad story but it’s real, it can be the story of anyone. Every moment we live with the people we love, will be a treasure and never happen again. It isn’t still too late to make memories and to get better.

It will be useless photos or videos if the person that you most want in the world one day leaves you and never returns. Finally, show them how much you love them.

Sarandeep K said...

Very emotional and interesting video, it make us realize that family is the only one who really care of us,it's the most beautifull gift given by god.

My mom wake up at 7 o'clock just to make breakfast for me even when I have 18 now so I can make and do things by myself. And also Sometimes I get very angry with her, but putting that a side she's always been there for me, that's why she is so special in my life.
Whats more,give some attention at your parents and thanks them for everything your today, for everything that theydid to make you what your at the moment, for being in your side at most hard times and always will, do it before you miss the chance like poor Marc who lost his mother.

Thank you Tyffany & Abdul for sharing this video!!

Jazmin Gil said...
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Jazmin Gil said...

“We never know what we have until we lose it”.

I believe that, it’s a big mistake that us, the humans, should improve.

So for that, we should to say thanks for what we have, we should to give importance to the little moments and always receive our mothers with a big smile.

Sometimes, I imagine that the only person in the universe that supported me since I was a baby could leave me.

The person that has given me food, has given me a roof to live, has pleased all my whims, has given me love and her heart could disappear.

That thought makes me to make an effort to keep that person that is my world. I couldn’t live without her, so for that, I always do the best for her.

We should remember that there is only one mother, so for that:
please, take care of her and enjoy every moment you spend with her, because you never know when she could disappear.

Finally, we should avoid the negative influence of the drugs, alcohol, and violence. That’s not the right path.

Remember, the life is beautiful and we shouldn’t spend it doing bad things.

Thank you Tyffany and Abdul for share us this truth, that we should always remember, “our mothers are uniques”.

Sònia Turmo said...

Thank you for sharing Tiffany! It was very touching!