Friday, 30 September 2016

The drawing of a child

Hi guys!

Since I have seen the video that our classmates Tiffany and Abdul posted I remembered one video that I saw a long time ago. This video makes me cry, because it shows us how sad is life for some people. In especial, children.

Seeing this video, I also can say how important is give love and receive it. We must be sympathetic and help all we can children that haven't had the same luck that many of us have.

So, just see the video and enjoy it!


Sònia Turmo said...

I agree with you Jazmin, we should be grateful for everything we have and for the love we have received.
And this is not something that we take and keep for us, if we are responsible people we have to give back, and serve others in the way that other people have served us.

I loved Sarandeep's comment when she said her mum woke up everyday to prepare her breakfast. These are the details that make the difference really.

Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

Thanks Jasmin for sharing it with us!

This video is very visual, there aren’t voices but there is a child drawing a mother. The mothers are very important in our life, because supports you, care of you... It’s the only love that will be forever, like that of son or daughter. Also, I think the father is very important too. Have both parents is so special because you will have two loves.

We must appreciate what we have!

Laia said...

I think the video is sad and at the same time makes you think in all the people that you have around and love you. There are people who can’t have the love and affection of a mother, and this is horrible. So, the people that have it are lucky, because only a mother can understand you better than anyone and give you all the things you need.

Tyffany said...

Thanks Jazmin for post this video!

I think the world or life is not fair because many people have so much and other have nothing and i feel very helpless about it.

This video makes me feel so glad for have my parents and my mother. My mother is the best thing i have in this life because she has been always right by my side and I know she always will be there . What can I say about this little child? I want that he feels the same like me with my mum. He deserves be loved with a incondicional love. Everyone we deserve.

Sarandeep K said...

This video is very touching. It saw as that we need to value everything we have because someone somewhere is wishing to have that all.

Thank you so much Jasmine for posting this!