Friday, 19 January 2018

An opinion essay

My topic is the "violence in TV/Computergames

Hello my name is Anthony and today I want to talk about a topic that has todo with the efeects of  violence on tv or in videogames, for me it is an intersting topic because I have always heard that, people changer depending on the influences that they receive from others but I, i think  that it has nothing to do whit it because each one is responsible  for what he does and what he should not do .

I'ts true, something has to do with what we see on TV and with the games with play .

People are influenced because they want to, no one forced them to do anything, but in live it is easier to blame others than to know how to admite the mistake we have made .

for this reason all people belive that people change because of the influences of society, but that's not my friends, case each human being chooses  what they want, not because someone tells them .    


Abir.E said...

Your opinions are very interesting, I like them.

Keyla Michaga said...

Your point of view is very interesting. I like it!

Melanie Magallanes said...

I agree with you, if people let themselves be influenced, it is their problem and society should not blame TV and videogames.
Good point of view and interesting opinions.

Nadia R said...

Each one is responsible for their actions, but it is true that society infuses a lot. I give as an example a video game of killing people, that is not a game suitable for a small child, it does not teach good values

lucasdaniel alvarez said...

Antohny I like your post! I disagree with you and I wish that we could debate about it! You are amazing man!