Monday, 26 February 2018



After reading the book I can say that it is very interesting. I like foreigner in Britain beacuse I've  learned a lot of things and traditions from different places that I didn't know. Also I can say that the story contains many friendly characters that know the place where they live to perfection.

I love things and traditions that are different from those of Spain. For example, in London pubs close much earlier tan Spain, also the new year in London is fantastic, it is celebrated in Trafalgare square with Big Ben announcing the new year, with people screaming and laughing...

Another very interesting place is York, it's cross railway station is crowded and very big and beautiful but best is the whole story related to the vikings. In york there is the Yorvik viking centre, everything you want to know about them is there.

Another tradition that I like most is Christmas for many reasons. I've learned several things such as they eat a Turkey on Christmas eve instead of Christmas day. They have Crackers! These are cylindrical and made of different color paper, when a person stretches on once side, another person does the same on the other side and... surprise! It has a gift inside. These are very funny.

My favorite part of the book are the legends of Cornwall in Wales. The best legend is that of the piskies, they were Little old men about two centimetres tall, with read hair. They were cheerfull people and they also liked playing jokes on people!.

Finally, there is a tradition in Wales cardift that is very romantic and I love it. It consists of a Young man gives a love spoon to the girl he likes as a symbd of his afection for her.

In conclusion, I am very satisfied and happy because I've read the complete book and I've learned a lot about differetn places. Generally, this is a topic that I like very much an I hope to be able to visit those places very son!.

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Nadia R said...

I agree with you, this book is magnificent. and I also liked the romantic part of the love spoons.