Monday, 12 March 2018

A Foreigner in Britain

To get started, from this book I have learned the importance of travelling around the world, it makes you learn by watching the world, knowing new languages, new costumes and new cultures. I learned and understood that traveling makes you grow.

It's amazing to ser so many similar and different parts at once of United Kingdom, with its diferrent monuments and sites. You discover enough gastronomy, many curious food dishes, but at the same time, they seem strange to me, since I consider myself delicate to eat.

During my stay in London, in the end of course trip, with only sixteen years, it was the first time I had left the country to go to a different country. If was a new and unforgettable experience, I learned thing about their culture and place, but being there made me think and realize that I still need my parents and I missed them, I was far from them, I looked towards the horizontal and they weren't there, that experience made me grow and learn.

From this boom I hace also learned new words that I didn't know, and reading in English has helped me improve my ability to understand.

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Keyla Michaga said...

Your reflection is an impressive Martha! Not only you have read the book but you have understood it and thanks to it you have learned more