Saturday, 19 May 2018


Friday,23 March:

I did not want this day to come, because it's the day they give us the grades and i did not like the results of my graes. When i arrived at my house i decided not to do anything.

Saturday, 24 March:

To eat my brother has prepared lentils, knowing that i hate them. I was left without eating.

Sunday, 25 March:

After a long time finally i tidied up my room, i left it very clean.
The chocolate tablet that i had stored in my closed has disappared, i think that my  brother will have taken it, because he is the only one who knows. Where is my chocolate tablet.

Monday, 26 March:

My brother and i went to the stadium of football, thinking that today he had training. The stadium was closed, so we were waiting outside. Later some men came out and told uss that today and Tuesday are holiday, and that there isn't trainig. Well...

Wednesday, 27 March:

I have broken a drawer in my closet, so i had to go to Leroy Merlin, to buy some screws to be able to fix it.

Friday, 28 March:

I have done the homework, but not a lot. After that, at last, i have seen my favorite program called,Tu casa a juicio, i love this program.

Monday, 2 April:

Tomorrow the classes will begin. I hope that they go well.

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