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Aprende Ingles En 7 Dias, Ramón Campayo (Editorial EDAF)

ISBN: 978-8441419469
Publisher: Edaf Antillas (July 2007)

Ramon Campayo, holder of numerous world records for memorization and bestselling author develops a prodigious mind, we were surprised with a book above for language learning, in which he demonstrated, with its revolutionary approach, how the reader was able in just seven days to defend itself in any language in an efficient and reliable.

This book is an adaptation of this method for quick learning of English, the universal language and today more imperative in its pages the reader will find everything you need: vocabulary tables, the translated terms, pronunciation and figurative associations unlikely . The seven days of work and study you need are adapted so that will not require any dictionary or additional course and also includes all the grammar needed. The author guarantees that you get from the first day unfold in that language as quickly and efficiently. The prodigious mental ability and imagination of the world champion will show new ideas and ways to help them develop their capacity for learning, invention and imagination.


1. Fundamentals of Our Method
2. The pronunciation Shaped
3. Tables of Vocabulary
4. Verbs
5. Nouns
6. Adjverbios
7. Greetings
8. Courtesy
9. Question words
10. Personal Pronouns
11. Demonstrative pronouns
12. Articles
13. Prepositions and conjunctions
14. Numbers
15. Conjugation Essential
16. Verb "TO BE"
17. Verb "TO HAVE"
18. Word "CAN"
19. First Day of Practice
20. Second Day of Practice
21. Third Day of Practice
22. Fourth Day of Practice
23. Fifth Day of Practice
24. Sixth Day of Practice
25. Seventh Day of Practice
26. Basic Grammar
27. How to Continue Learning After 7 days of practice this book

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cursos ingles said...

Aprender inglés es imprescindible en este mundo totalmente globalizado. El solo hecho de saber hablar adecuadamente este idioma abre el campo de posibilidades en el plano profesional.