Sunday, 11 October 2009

My interests

One of my main interests is sport. I like watching and playing all sports, but basketball and soccer are my favourits. I love watching skateboarding and BMX bikes competitions on TV. Basketball is the sport that I like to play more, but I don't like much watching it on TV. I wont to play basketball or soccer at the park everyday like when I was younger. But now I don't find time and people to play.

My other interests are photography. I really like taking pictures. When I go outside or travel I take a lot of pictures of landscape, animals and plants. This Christmas I was very happy because my parents gave me a camera that has so many effects. With this camera I can take amazing pictures!

I've got lots of differents intersts. But my favouite hobby is sport. I don't know why, but I've like it since I was a kid


anx279 said...

Hi Mire, xD!

Judith said...
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Sònia said...

I also like photography very much. Photography is an art and I love all kind of creative activities.
A few weeks ago I met a professional photopgrapher who lives in Barcelona and I quite like his blog:

In his blog he has a label called "Pictures from my window", which I found very original. They are all pictures that he takes from the window of his house.

aiitoor said...

Hello mireia! =) xDD

Anonymous said...

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