Friday, 23 October 2009

Description of my friend

My friend Kevin studies in the same class as me, we always sit together, He's slim and has long dark brown hair.

He is very friendly and fun, likes to talk about sports and entertainment, including games, movies, etc..., He loves sports, like football, tennis, pingpong, basketball, etc...,
But really He likes the skate the must, loves to make tricks and jumps, He's good with the skate and just has very little time to practice. In the High School he does well, He's not a genius but he is very inteligent.

Kevin and I have many similar tastes and so we get along great. He's a great friend and one of my few great friends I have.

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Judith said...

Description of a person

The person that I ‘m going to describe is my best friend. Her name is Alicia.
Alicia is rather thin and tall. She is seventeen years old. Her hair is dark blond, fairly short and a bit wavy. Alicia has got small hazel eyes and special look.
She has a lot of freckles, her skin is freckled.

Alicia is very generous; when I haven't got money she lends it to me. Also, she always worries about everything and about everybody.
She is cheerful and friendly but isn’t bossy neither rude.
Alicia is really popular at school because she has got a lot of friends.

In general Alicia and I are equal. We like going to the cinema and being with our friends.