Monday, 12 October 2009

my inteeerest

Hello, I'm Judith and I speak about my interest.

My first interest is going to the disco.
I like it because I dance, listen to the music, sing and I meet other people.
I never sit on the chair because I love dancing.
I go to the disco every Friday night, sometimes Saturday night, but I prefer to go on Friday’s night.
Last weekend I could see my friend Alicia after 1 year.

My other interest is theatre. I like to put myself in the skin of the other people and to play his or her role.
I really can't have the chance of doing theatre.
I’m never bored when I see a play in the theatre.

I go to see it twice a month.

Between these two interests I like more going to the disco on Friday nights.

byyeee. xxx

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