Sunday, 25 October 2009

My best friend

Chen is my best friend. She is a sixteen years old girl. She is tall and slim, she has a slender figure. She has got a really long hair, quite dark and very straight. I like too much her hair, because is very natural. She is a sweet girl, she has a nice face and lovely smile. Everybody say that she is a model!

Chen is very friendly, so, she has many friends. She is usually cheerful, and she is charming. She is never boring because she is good at many things. She draws comics brilliantly, she sings perfectly and she dances very well. Last year she had a singer’s competition, everyone was enjoying her singing. She sang perfectly and excellently!

I think Chen is the best friend that I have. We get on ready well, we can talk about anything! Everyone should have a friend like her!

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