Monday, 26 October 2009

My Interests

One of my main interests is singing. I like to sing almost all songs but my favourite style is R&B and the romantic songs: it's so beautiful and sensitive! I like to sing with other guys and girls and i've got a little singers band with other three friends. It's very funny! Every weekend we go to the park to sing. But my real dream is singing with another guy in the Hollywood Palace. Nothing is impossible!
My other interests are swimming. I love watter and when I'm swimming I'm in peace with me and with the world. I don't like practising other sports at all but swimming is different. Swimming is relaxing and funny and I can think about other things when I'm swimming.
I've got lots of different interests, so I'm never bored. But I can't choose between my hobbys, I love both. And I'm really happy when I can sing or swim.

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