Thursday, 29 October 2009

My interests

I want to tell you about my free time and how I spend it! One of my interests is football, football events and all details of it. I like it because I like sport. I like to feel a spirit of competition. My brain can't live without the adrenalin of sport. Football it's a kind of sport that needs speed, power and endurance. I like to spend my freetime with my friends playing football. If I like football, ofcourse I have a very big interest in football stars, competitions and other. I read football-magazines and spend my time in internet, in reading about different competitions. On weekends and after school I do all these things. Ofcourse on Satardays and Sundays nights we gather with friends or with my father and watch the League of Champions or Primer League of Spain or England.
My other interests are reading and watching films. First about the reading. I like to read very much, because when I read I live the life of my book-hero. I'm worring about his problems and I'm happy when there is a happy-end. Also it's relaxing to read a realy good book. When I read the book, I'm learning from mistakes of my hero and drawing a lot of conclusions. It's a very good exercise. It trains language, thinking and other parts of brain. What about films. I like it because films, describe me pictures which I was thinking when I read a book. Also, films are like a good book, but this book I don't read, I see it, and it's very fascinating. A lot films can cheer up your mood. And only a few films make you understand the morality of it. I have my own list of films, there are: "Green Mile" "Shawshenk Redemption" "Fight Club" "Pulp Fiction" "Godfather" "A Beautiful Mind" "Prestige" The Lord Of The Rings" "Braveheart" and others. I like a lot kinds of films: action, comedy, drama, science fiction... I like watching films and reading at nights, because it's the best time for thinking, hurmony and enjoyment of it.
I've got a lots of different interests, so I'm never bored. I can't do my choise. At this time I'm thinking that my favourite hobbies are reading and sport, because reading is a very moral thing and I think that I should be more clever.=) And sport is a competition. And I like to prove myself my possibilities.

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