Wednesday, 28 October 2009

My friend

My friend Sara lives in the same street as me. She's fifteen years old, and she's shorter than me. She's slim, and she's got long curly hair and black eyes. She's got big lips but she loves the lipgloss. Las week, she finished her favourite lipgloss and was very sad. Next Friday, she's making funeral for it! She's very crazy!
Sara is quite confident and friendly but, sometimes, is bossy and selfish. She's very talkative, and she talks very loud. In fact, she's always talking. Last summer we were thrown out of the library 'cause she wasn't stopping talking and laughing. She was very happy 'cause she hates the library. Sara definitely prefers internet to work. When I go to her home she's always in internet. She's what doesn't exist!
Although Sara and I are different but equal in some things, we get on really well. She's like my twin sister. All in all, I think Sara is a great friend.

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