Wednesday, 4 November 2009

My friend Manolo

My friend is Manolo. We met when I was three years old and we have never quarreled. He's sixteen years old and he's fairly conceited. He's robust. He's got long blond hair and his eyes are blue.
He is very friendly to all people. Usually he tells the truth. He usually shy depending on the people.
We always go out together and we have a lot of thing in common, for example, the type of music, the same sport, also books.
When I have a problem, firstly I go to him, I tell him everything that is worrying me because he is a person who knows how to keep a secret, is a confident guy and he give me some advice.
He live far from here but every wekeend whe we go out, we have a good time together and we will have more. He has a girlfriend and we often go out the three of us together too.
Manalo prefers soports to study. He is very lazy to study, doesn't like studying.
He plays in a fotball team and I can say that he is a very good soccer player.
Although Manolo and I are very similar , at the bottom we are diferents.
All in all, Manolo and I are good friends.

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PdM said...

your friend Manolo is real. My friend Manolo is virtual, product of my mind. I think is better have real friends than virtual ones.
See you!