Tuesday, 8 December 2009

My last holiday

My last holidays were my longest holidays, and i think that I learnt how to spend the time. I enjoyed a lot whit my friends, and my family, and I met new people too, because I was in different places during the summer, and I wanted to meet people everywhere.

The first place I visited was Calpe, a town in Alicante, because I was invited for some days by a friend who has a house there. I went with some friends, and we spent there just five days, but it was enough time to want to come back next summer! We stayed on the beach for hours, in the mornings, just lying and a sleep, taking enough energy for the rest of the day for the night! At night, we went out until next morning. We danced.

Next, I went to Paris with my mum and my friends. Actually, I did not go to Paris, I went to Disneyland. We stayed there for four days, and it was really unforgettable. When I saw the park, I opened my eyes the most I could, and I did not close them until the night at the hotel. I felt like a little boy again.

Finally, I was in Salou. A really relaxing time, and we were on the beach for some days. There, we did not visit anything; we were there just t rest. After those day, we came back to Badalona, and, unfortunately, we had to start our routines again.

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