Friday, 4 December 2009

My Holidays

On vacations last year I was here in Barcelona, as it was my first holiday in Barcelona, I visited many places and I had a good time. My daily routine was almost the same, I woke up in the morning and I watched TV with my sister, then went to the Gym, later, in the afternoon I went to the beach, in fact it was almost necessary to go to the beach and always went with my friends or
my family, at night I went out for a walk or went shopping to the centre of Barcelona, always with my parents and my sister.

During the holidays I began to write more on my blog, since that day I've published more often, but now I don't write much, because of my classes and exams that take a lot of time from me, but it's okay, because school work is very important.

Really I miss holidays, especially when I went to the beach, Now I look forward to the arrival of the holidays and to rest a little of the institute and especially I hope the arrival of "Reyes".

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