Friday, 29 January 2010

Ray William Johnson, Recommended

Hi, I'm here passing for the blog and leaving comments, and I remembered a channel on YouTube, it is about a nice guy who makes funny videos in English, his name is RayWilliamJohnson and his channel is "Equals Three", I discovered this channel a long time ago, but on holiday I started to see him for a long time, the videos are really funny , what he does is criticize videos on the web (bloopers and funny videos).
well, I just write this post to recommend this channel, furthermore,  you can practice "Listening".

I leave here one Video:



Mireia said...

Really funny video Carlos.I laughed a lot. Thank you for share

anx279 said...

that good that you like, I hope you're well, see you tomorrow

Sònia Turmo said...

This video is hilarious!!! This guy Raywilliam… he’s so much fun! Thnks for recommending it Carlos!

Sure it's good listening practice! Whenever you are watching a video which is interesting or funny or a song you like, all the language there is much more memorable, isn’t it!

I also hope you feel better Mireia. See you all in class!