Friday, 29 January 2010

Advantages and disadvantage of being Famous

All of us wish we were famous, but not all of us have a skill like singing, acting, etc... Furthermore, to reach fame we would have to work hard and above all be very, very good at what we do.

Being famous has many advantages, such as money, a famous person makes much money. On the one hand, that's good, because we would not have economic problems, but on the other hand, it can hurt you, either because it attracts envy or someone tries to steal and even fraud.

One disadvantage of being famous is that we would always be busy and we do not have time for anything. And this when we are "normal", it does not matter, because we always, almost always we are available to go out with friends, walking, going to cinema, etc.
Another disadvantage is the paparazzi, they are always following you and that is horrible, with a camera taking you pictures and recording everything you do, OMG! Is really overwhelming, and if you go out with someone, if you go to a party and you get drunk, if you do something crazy or whatever, the next day is already published in the magazine. In a "normal" life, like ours, that does not happen. We can do whatever we want (well, not everything we want) and won’t be published in the magazine (unless that someone is a gossip man...or gossip girl) and this for me is much, much better. :)

To sum up, I prefer the life I have now, a normal life ... but on the other hand, the money would be nice :), anyway, I like the life I have now and whether I would rather be a famous...I will say no, because this life is quiet and calm and because I have almost everything I want, so for me, being a celebrity, it is a disadvantage.


Mireia said...

I agree with you Carlos. I think for being famous (actor, singer...) you really want to be that, because the fame have a lot of disadvantages. In my opinion, the worst thing are the paparazzi. I not could stand it.

Anonymous said...
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