Tuesday, 9 March 2010

letter to a friend ( by Desire Hernandez Ramirez )

Dear Miss Barrios Glauche.

Wanted to write you to say you the a lot that you matter me, and say you that you are my better friend. Firstly say you that I appreciate you.

Secondly give you thankyou by the moments that have happened together.Your know that I am proud of you. I Would like me that you were more optimistic on some things.

Finally, wanted to speak you of a trip to do this summer the two joints, and see the so beautiful landscapes and discover new people and improve our friendship. That than would like you a lot go to Argentina, because your família is of there, like this could see them. Like this your could me teach places of Argentina, and also the traditions of
PD: Your writer me soon, I have win to know things on you new.

Kisses, by

Desi, you friend.

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