Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Letter to Lisa

Hi Lisa,
How are you? Fine, Ihope! I was so excited when you sent me a letter. It was great to hear from you! Sorry I haven't written for a while, but I've been very busy here. I have a lot of exams, but if I wait until I finish I'll never be able to write you a letter!
You asked me to tell you about my news. Well, I'm studying for my exams at thne moment, which is a bit stressful at times. But I'm only thinking about what I'll do during the Easter holidays. I want to go to Melilla because I guess I'll be very busy this summer and I will not leave: I have to do the research project and I would like to take out my driving license. So, by the end of my summer holidays, I will have been as busy as during the course: I'll not stop for a moment!
What else? Oh yes, within a month it is my birthday and I want to invite you to my party. I hope you come. My friends are going to organize my birthday party, which shoul be pretty cool!
Maybe I can't send you any more letters for a long time because of studies, so I apologize in advance.
P.S: Write soon with your news!

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