Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Letter to a friend

C/ Conquista 108
25th February

Hi Anna
How's life in Zaragoza? I hope that good. I'm fine, though a little tired, because most days I have exams, it's really stressful and this is also the reason why I haven't written to you, I hope you forgive me for not having written before.
Do you remember the advice that you gave me when I went on vacation to Zaragoza? It has helped me a lot, it has been really helpful, thank you.

I really hope to go back to Zaragoza, I loved the kindness you gave me, and the city is pretty beautiful, I also look forward to the summer holiday, to go to your beach house in Tarragona so that we can go to beach every day, walk around the city and talk.

I hope we see each other soon. Write soon with your news!
All the best,

P.S. when you can, you come to visit me, always be prepared ... :D

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