Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Letter to a friend

Dear Alicia,

How are you? I feel perfect. Hope that you feel the same as me.
Sorry I haven’t written for so long, but I’m studying Batxillerato and I have lots of exams.

I’m writing to you to explain that I'm going to go New York. I will be going with my friends at holidays. I will be visiting a lot of places. The first place that we are going to watch is the Statue of Liberty. It's a big historical monument. The second place that we are going to visit is the Time Square; it's the most famous place in New York.
We will meet a lot of people in the hotel. I hope to make many friends and to see them every summer.
When get home I will have learned much English then I will speak to my teacher in English.

Have you ever been in New York?
I will write again soon!

LOVE xxx


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