Sunday, 18 April 2010

At present lots of people want to be rich. There are a lot of different stuff which are like a drug and we waste money. For example: lottery, casino, different kinds of competitions. I’m sure that people know that the chance to win is very little but they continue wasting money only for having an idea that they can win. Even in my family, each Friday we buy one ticket of «Euromilion». But what if we won? What would we do?

Yes, of course people have a lot of ideas about what they would do with the money. For example, if I won 1 million, firstly I’d save it in the bank, because each year I would be able to take percents and my money would grow up. After that I’d help my family. I’d buy a house near Barcelona and we would live there. Then I’d buy one car for me and one for my parents. Furthermore, I should say «thanks» to God, because he gave me this money. I’d give 20000 euros for charity. When my house would have been built I’d take all my family and will give a surprise, they would travel around the world. Some money I’d save for education. When my parents would arrive I’d make a big party for them and my friends. There would be my family and other people from Ukraine. I think my life would completely change. What about the rest of money? I’d take one part and I’d start my own business or I’ll invest them in «Apple». And obligatory I’d become a member of «Real Madrid». And I think I’d have a very good life.

To sum up I want to add, that the big money, brings you a very big responsibility. You should be careful with money, because you can lose everything. The person who was poor and quickly became rich can lose everything, because this person doesn’t know how to spend it correctly. There are a lot of people that want to cheat you. There is one Russian phrase «Seven times look before and one time cut off»

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