Saturday, 17 April 2010

If I won the lottery...

I have won the lottery. . .

If I won the lottery, the first thing I would do after screaming and shouting is buying a house with a big garden and a swimming pool.
If I won the lottery, I would make my dream come true also the dream of my little sister.
I think that I would feel very happy and nervous.
I've got a lot of ideas about how to spend it! All the money I wouldn't invest, I would keep it for other future dreams.

First of all, I would buy a plane ticket to London that is my dream.
I’d also book a room for two in a cheap hotel.
I would go with a friend to see everything, spending ten days there and meet many new people.
I've always thought about going to live in London and this would be an opportunity to go.
I think there you can learn English easily.
On the other hand, I’d invest 1.000€ to take out my driving license.

What's more, I would buy a new bike for my sister and take her to the Zoo!
I can't forget my parents, I would give them a week with expenses paid to Ibiza.

Other things I could do with the money would be to buy a car, lots of clothes and save some money to take college courses in a different city.
I would also donate money to those in need, something I would love to do but I'm too poor.
My ultimate goal would be to find my man and live in Costa Rica like a queen.

I don't think winning a lottery would make a big difference to my life. I would still go to school because I would have to get a job in the future.

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