Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Friends in Brunete (Madrid)

This week, we have had the pleasure to receive many visits from some students in Brunete, a village in the west of Madrid. They study in IES Parque de Lisboa.

Their teacher, Juan Ignacio Castro, has had the great idea to set a class assignment for homework which was to comment on some of our posts with the label class assignment 6: "What would you do if you won 1 million euros?".

I have already thanked them, but I encourage you to visit their blog as it is very inspiring and you may find very interesting links. It's called Learning English in Brunete. I've also linked this blog in our "Friend Blogs" section.

Curiously enough, they have a cool section with news written by the students each week and precisely this month they talk about some news related to our city: FC Badalona. Have a look at the link: IES Parque the Lisboa news 10


anx279 said...


Natalia González said...

We are of Alcorcón of the IES Parque de Lisboa but our teacher started this blog with his ancients pupils of Brunete in the year 2007.
Thank you for your entry and for your visits in our blog.

aLvArO BrAvo diAZ said...

well, we r not from Brunete, we study in Alcorcon. it's not your fault, Juan Ignacio is so lazy that he continued with his last blog which was making with his last class in brunete, but i can't talk about laziness... ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry but you make a mistake, we're from alcorcon, we aren't from brunete. It isn't your fault and sorry for be the third who says to you but this is my homework ^^'

Visit our blog when you can, we have news X)

Vanessa Sanchez said...

No, we studied in Alcorcón, not in Brunete, but our teacher began the blog with another high school of Brunete and has continued with us.

Sònia Turmo said...

Ok thanks to your explanations it is clear now! This is what communication is for, to make things clear!
We are very grateful for your comments.
We keep in touch! :)