Saturday, 1 May 2010

My favourite TV programme


My favourite TV programme is a chinese programme that has a really complicated name, so I don’t say it’s name. It’s a singing competition which is shown on TV every Friday. However, I watch it in the Internet.

The host in the show is a fairly nice woman, she is a famous singer as well. There are four o five judges in the show, and one judge is special. This special judge is changes every week, and he or she will be one famous singer o music producer. The participants are people who like singing and sing quite well. They prepared one composition and sing it. After it, the judges give them some suggestions and value it. Evey week they hang up one participant continue it until they choose the winner. In these weeks, in the show there appears one participant who was published in home news, people say that he likes Susan Boyle!!!! He sings definitelly well!!

All in all, I think it’s a programme I like a lot, because I learn about singing in this programme. It’s extremelly interesting. The host and the judges are funny and nice. I’d recommend it to my friends who like singing.


Sònia Turmo said...

Wow! Stunning, incredible performance of an extremely beautiful song! I guess he will win the contest! He's very talented!

anx279 said...

:O!! I saw to this guy singing when i was surfing on internet.
I read about this guy that he dont know english, but he sings very well in english.
furthermore the voice of that guy, when singing, is very similar to the Wendy houston