Friday, 9 April 2010


Did you hear about that old fellow who was yelling: "Help save our trees - eat a beaver!"

Here there is a short anthology of OK:

.Cowardice rules - if that's OK with you
.Procrastination will rule one day,OK?
.Sceptics may or may not rule,OK
.Pedants rule, OK - or more accurately, exhibit certain of the trappings of traditional authority
.Synonyms govern, all right
.Roget's Thesaurus dominates, regulates, rules, OK, all right, agreed
.Einstein rules relatively, OK
.Heisenberg probably rules, OK
.Scrödinger rules the waves, OK
.Schizophrenia rules, OK,OK
.Amnesia rules, ()
.Dyslexia rules KO
.Apathy ru
.Anarchy, no rules, OK
.Rolls Royce, KO
.Queensberry rules, KO
.Hurlingham rules, croquet
.French dockers rule au quai
.Scots rule, och aye
.Quen Elisabeth rules UK
.Brunel rules IK
.Town criers rule, okez, okez, okez
.Kay Brown wears no knickers, ooh, Kay!
.Personal problems rule, BO
.Anagrams - or Luke?
.Typographers rule, OQ

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Sònia Turmo said...

Good idea Eugeni! We can all share the English jokes we know here!