Thursday, 15 April 2010

What are we eating and do we eat well?

Hi guys, I've seen a very interesting video subtitled in Spanish and I want to share it with you because I find it very interesting, the video is about poor nutrition of today that we have young people, at first it seems a bit boring but it's worth watching.
This video will make you think hard about how we eat.
I hope you enjoy it and I recommend the website so you can see many interesting videos subtitled in Spanish.
The website is
Here is the video:

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Sònia Turmo said...

This is such an absolutely brilliant talk!! Indeed worth watching! ;) Shocking arguments and breath-taking examples of victims of this problem.

Today's "food habits" is an extremely serious problem which we should be aware of and raise awareness among the young population of the country.

Precisely the other day, one of my classmates from yoga was telling me that in some schools here in Barcelona they have established what they call the "day of the fruit" and every week on that day parents are asked to give their children some pieces of fruit for breakfast. At least one day a week! Well then, believe it or not, many parents just don't do it!! They break the rules and do not give their children fruit on that day, probably because they never have fruit at home! Isn't it sad! Sad parents indeed!

I loved it when he said children should leave school having learned 10 healthy recipes that will save their lives! As simple as that! So simple and so wise!

Thanks for this post.