Thursday, 15 April 2010

If I won the lottery...

If I won the lottery, I would feel very happy and I'd say it to my family.

I think I would also feel a bit restless because it's a lot of money and I would not know how to invest it.

altough there are a few things that I would do with the money.

first of all, I would definitely give some of that money to my parents, go that they can go on vacation. I would buy my brother one mp4, and one pc, and a lot of candies.

For my sister I would not know what gift to choose because it is very rare.

On the other hand, I would give my brother and my sister an envelope with money to spend it.

I would adopt a child, and Iwould adopt a dog.
For myself, I would probably buy a plane ticket to Punta cana because I have always wanted to go there with my friends and my boyfriend. I would ask for advice on how to invest it.

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