Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Democracy

The Democracy: the best form of government possible?
Democracy is a form of government, it is an organization of groups of people. Their rules are to take the best decisions for a country.

Not everyone will agree that there is democracy, nor agree with the person leaving as a representative, this is not the one we choose, if not the greatest vote ever had.
Everything is a false, politicians want us to believe what they want, through speeches where they just say what people want to hear.
Politicians have the power to change laws and they establish the law that is supposed to distinguish between truth and falsehood.
Laws are not really subject to popular vote. We vote the elected leaders, after all, we voted memorized speeches, not political leaders with their own personality, desire and motivation to seek the interest of their voters, but politicians who seek the easy vote.
On the other hand, democracy is good, since people can decide their own lives.
The problems of democracy are visible and you can sue based demonstrations.
Yes it is the fairest system, if applied as written in the books and not as interpreted by the politicians. And as long as this democracy has its ideological pillars anchored in socialism, it is the system that "theoretically" provides greater equality between citizens (delete classes, "to each according to his needs and from each according to their means," Elimination of private ownership and management of the means of production cooperatives that meet diversity of opinions)
Not only can we find democracy, but also authoritarian, governments or extreme left or extreme right are really the same thing; leaders who are looking for people to weight out malleable old desires for power and sovereignty above the rest, although paradoxically some talk about social equality schemes.
Another way to govern is autarchies, states based on the disarray within an established order. In short, a future without seeking to make noise and that serves as a springboard to another thought and treaty regime once the current are has been deleted.

With all that, we can reach agreement with many ways of governance.
All of them lead to the same place, and not necessarily the best.

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