Saturday, 29 May 2010

Are curfews a good idea?


The curfew always happens in the coups, and is very dangerous because people are heard, and sometimes, are killed.

Personally, I think that a curfew is not a solution for anything, actually the curfew is a bad idea in many ways, because nobody can benefit, in fact, everybody suffers.
Another thing is the evening activities, such as parties, going to the cinema, going out for dinner, etc. And all this in a curfew is impossible, for the police, are always in the streets and nobody can have fun.
Well I say this, because we all suffer, young people, who always want to go out and don't like to stay at home, we could not do it, and not to mention the concern of parents when the children stay late on the streets, concern that something will happen, for that reason, I do not agree with curfews.
In addition, what bothers me is that most of times, curfews, are the fault of politicians who want to take power, that's what bothers me most, because they always want it all, and I don't like that idea. However, it may work for people who do bad things, only to bad people, but unfortunately everyone would be affected.

As far as I’m concerned, I do not agree, but if they do it, they should do so in remote places such as a camp or a reformatory, but not apply it to all people, because there are people who haven’t done anything and are affected.

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