Monday, 10 May 2010

My favorite programme.

My favorite television programme is Password. This programme can be seen at 8pm on channel “cuatrO”. This programme is a contest.
The presenter is really funny for the people. In my opinion the presenter is boring but she is fairly nice. She isn’t rude.

In this program there are 4 people, two of them are famous and the other two come to compete. The two famous persons can’t win the programme. They go to help the contestants.
The presenter gives 5 passwords.
The game consists of guessing the passwords that are given to the famous person by the presenter. The famous person says words related to the “passwords”. They can’t be synonym the word. The player in front of them has to guess the word.
Example: the password is dog
The contestant has to be say related words like: animal, domesticated, house…
They have a minute to guess ascertain 5 passwords.
The group which has more right words will go to the final programme.
The final is like the whole program. The time shall be 2 minutes.
If he she wins, he she will win 88,000€
This program is extremely difficult.

All in all, I recommend this program to all kind of people. If helps to greatly increase your vocabulary.
This programme is very interesting and fairly entertaining. In this program you can learn new words and synonyms.

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