Saturday, 8 May 2010


My favourite tv series is called " 90210 Beverly Hills". It's one of the most popular TV series about youths in America. Before, it was shown in Spain, but now it's only shown in America and I have to catch up with the series online with subtitles in spanish.

The plot is about teenagers who live in Beverly Hills, the richest city in California, all are rich. What's more it's about teenagers' problems such drugs, friendship, studies, parties, teen pregnancy...

Recently, there has been the season premiere, it's becoming more exciting but I can't always see it, I have too much homework!!

The truth is that, personally, I prefer to see the chapters online because this way I can improve my English!

All in all, I'd recommend this series to everyone who likes enjoying watching series because it has everything, it's really amazing and really entertaining!

It's worth watching " 90210 Beverly Hills"!!


Teo said...

I remember I used to watch Beverly Hills 90210 when I was younger and my favourite character was Brenda- but that was looong time ago :D
Teenage series aren't what they used to be, but if you like this kind of tv shows, I recommend you Gossip Girl (lol) or Skins (this one is set in Bristol, so you can practice British English! :D)

Malika said...

Yess! I watched skins. I like it, but I think the Brirish English is more difficult than American English. Watching skins I had difficults to understand, but 90210 Beverly Hills is easy :D
Nice to meet you Teo ;)