Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Nowadays in Spain, many students complete only the E.S.O. As a result, this can cause serious problems for the student, their families and the country. Is it right school drop-out ? Absolutely is isn't !!

I think there are many reasons why students leave school early.
Family problems are one cause since if parents are divorced, no-one may be taking responsibility for the teenager.

The second problem is money, in many countries college is free, but unfortunately in Spain we should be paid. What's more, some students want to work in order to support their families or help themselves. Perhaps the main reason why students drop out is for academic reasons. For many students, school is stifling and very boring, they prefer drop out school and work hard or just saty at home, being lazy. But there are others who have learning difficulties that need specialist help.

As I see it, I think the problem of school drop-out can be reduced by the students and the government. In fact, college should be free like in other countries.

As far as I'm concerned, drop-out isn't a good idea. The way to solve this problem is improving oneself, leaving aside the problems.

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